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Issue Date: January 2012, Posted On: 12/28/2011

Nanotech group launches

Indus News Wire
A group of nanotechnology professionals have formed The Indus Nanotechnology Association, based out of Stamford, Conn.

Indian Americans are increasingly contributing to the new generation technologies and particularly in nanotechnology which is already transforming our lives in a significant way, the group founders said. There are also a large number of Indian academics involved in nanotechnology research from sciences including chemistry, physics, engineering, materials science, biology and medicine. Many others are working in the national labs and other leading research and development institutions, as well as in all major companies. In addition, many other Indian Americans have started their own companies in developing and producing nanomaterials and nanotechnology enabled products. There are also Indian Americans who are involved in angel funding as well as in venture capital funding to promote nanotechnology business.

On Nov. 1 a group of individuals met in New York City to launch the group.

The meeting, hosted by Anil Diwan, President and Chairman of Nanovirisides, was attended by over two dozen leading Indian-American nanotechnologists, businessmen and investors. The Indian Consulate was represented by Sugandh Rajaram, Consul for Political and Economic Affairs. 

The Indus Nanotechnology Association was launched as a worldwide organization with its headquarters in the United States. 

The group assembled felt that there are opportunities to organize this area for mutual benefits of its members in the United States and others countries as well as those in India. It will also contribute to the society at large by helping to commercialize new technologies.

“We have reached the critical mass of a large number of Indian Americans involved in nanotechnology and nano-enabled technologies and the time has come to develop a networking group amongst us to help each other as well as to look at opportunities for collaborations, licensing and other joint ventures in India and in other countries so as to bring synergy to take new technology initiatives to commercialization,” said Thomas Abraham, coordinator of the new nanotechnology group. Abraham is also the founder of the Global Organization of People of Indian Origin.

“We would like to see more collaboration between researchers and companies as well as B-to-B at these meetings to achieve early commercialization of nanotechnologies,” added Dr. Abraham.

A steering committee was formed to formalize the organization. It will be coordinated by Abraham. Others in the committee are: Diwan; Rajan Pillay and Ramesh Bhargava of Nanocrystals Technology; NEI Corporation President Ganesh Skandan; HSBC Chief Operating Officer T.T. Bhat; investor Priyam Sen; Prakash Madgi of Midtown Partners; Abbas Baqueri of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney; Suresh Nichani of Nichani Holdings; Prof. George John of City University; Prof. Mahendra Sunkara of University of Louisville; Shailesh Naik of Charles A. Manganaro Consulting Engineers; and Kishore Ramnani of Pfizer. Prof. P. Somasundaran of Columbia University, Sreedhar Menon of Visteos Fund Service and Prof. S.V. Babu of Clarkson University will serve as TINA’s advisors. 

The new group will provide a platform for Indian origin nanotechnology researchers, technologists, entrepreneurs and investors to exchange ideas and provide networking opportunities among the nanotechnology professionals so as to advance the field and create new areas of business. It will also create interactive and cooperative efforts between nanotechnology professionals and entrepreneurs living outside India with their counterparts in India. The new group will organize international and regional meetings to promote new technologies and to provide opportunities for technology developers to meet with potential investors. 

For more information, contact Thomas Abraham at (203) 569-7909 or Indus.nanotech@Innoresearch.net.

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