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Sink like a stone?
Take a look at the root of any public controversy or outcry and somewhere deep down you will probably find a trace of ignorance and need for education on the issue at hand.

Executive Profile
It is rocket science!
STENNIS SPACE CENTER, Miss. - NASA's Shamin Rahman knew he wanted to be a rocket scientist ever since he was 6 years old in 1969 and watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. "That is when the thought triggered in my mind: Wouldn't it be neat to be part of the team that made that happen," he said.

Focus: Legal
'Human Resources Tool Kit' prevents potential legal woes
Startup companies come into existence with a business plan/business model, some very enthusiastic entrepreneurs and some financial backing. At this point, no one is thinking legal compliance. The founding person/team is thinking about leasing space, buying equipment and starting to reconnect with potential employees who might very well have been "waiting in the wings." All are anxious to get to the business of designing, implementing and selling that product.

Attorney makes case for education, women's rights
WASHINGTON - When Neena Chaudhry headed off to Yale Law School she didn't think she would end up working on her passions - education and women's rights - for many years. Nor did she imagine she would end up working on landmark legal cases.

Don't jump the gun on infringement - it could be your doom
If you have patents covering your technology (and these days, you probably have a bunch), you know how important it is to protect them so as to maintain your competitive position.

South Asian lawyers form first national bar association
NEW YORK - Twelve South Asian bar associations from around the country came together last month to form the National South Asian Bar Association, the first nationwide organization of Indian and South Asian lawyers.

Surprise! Legal wrangling hinges around dictionary definition
Despite all the expertise, years of waiting, reams of paperwork, and thousands of dollars that bring patents to fruition, a patents value may actually hinge on a definition in a dictionary that those who worked on it never considered.

For Your Business
'Motivational human resources' gives company solid backbone
"Motivational human resources" is a philosophy of bringing out the best in people. It starts with recruiting the right people, inspiring them, training them and putting the programs in place to evaluate and reward them. Here's how it works:

Elusive 'news peg' key to garnering media attention for products
When it comes to launching a new business or product, some marketing consultants might say that every product is appropriate for a publicity or media exposure campaign.

Franchise & Hospitality
CBS waits in wings, while Jiten readies hotel for primary
BOSTON - Jiten Hotel Management's planned $17.4 million Boston hotel will not be ready in time for the Democratic National Convention in July.

For Elite, full-service hotels are the only way to go
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - While much of the hospitality industry turns toward mid-priced hotels, Elite Hospitality continues to buck this trend and focus on niche-market, full-service properties.

Hersha extends range - buys two propeties in N.J.
PHILADELPHIA - Hersha Hospitality Trust has acquired two hotels in New Jersey: the 132-room Hilton Garden Inn at Edison Raritan Center and the 148-room Hampton Inn at Newark-Linden.

Indian-Americans savor flavor of gourmet pizza chain
NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. - ZPizza International is a franchise company on the move in the Western part of the United States and a number of Indian-Americans are signing on with the chain.

New Cendant franchise head to hit the road for his brands
PARSIPPANY, Calif. - Cendant Corp. has named Rajiv Bhatia president of its Knights Franchise Systems and Villager Franchise Systems.

Noble buys Residence Inn, strengthens ties with school
ATLANTA - Noble Investment Group has acquired the Residence Inn by Marriott Winston-Salem in North Carolina, near the campus of Wake Forest University.

Patel turns financial expertise on failing graphics store
FORT WORTH, Texas - Anand Patel, 25, is AlphaGraphics Inc.'s youngest storeowner, but the road he took with the franchise company wasn't exactly the easiest approach to joining the chain. He took over a bankrupt store and turned it around.

Put franchisors on the spot - ask tough questions before buying
Is there such a thing as a perfect franchise? No. Businesses are like the people who run them - they have both good points and bad. What may be a great opportunity for you won't work at all for someone else. That's why doing your homework before buying a franchise is so critical.

Government Sector
SBA has record year for loans
WASHINGTON - The U.S. Small Business Administration set out to ease the process of giving loans this year - and its efforts paid off.

SBA unbundles federal contracts
WASHINGTON - The U.S. Small Business Administration has published a final rule on contract unbundling, which will allow small business to better compete for federal contracts.

Health & Medicine
Professor's virus research gets prestigious $1m grant
RIVERSIDE, Calif. - A.L.N. Rao believes his research on viruses is important and he's not the only one - the National Institutes of Health recently gave him $1 million to fund his work for the next four years. Rao, a professor in the department of plant biology at the University of California Riverside, will use the money to study the way viruses assemble inside the cell before they can be transmitted.

Health Care
Impath reels with delisting, investigations
NEW YORK - Impath Inc. has been in a downward spiral that began publicly last February with the resignation of Anu Saad from her position as company chairman and CEO. It hit bottom recently when the company filed for bankruptcy.

Indus on the Record
Corporate Notes
SANTA CLARA, Calif. - Speedera Networks, the emerging leader in global content delivery services, announced that it has integrated Apple's Darwin Streaming Server technology with Speedera's global distributed delivery network in support of QuickTime as well as open standards such as MPEG-4, the next generation, global multimedia standard delivering audio and video streams. This is available over a wide range of bandwidths from cell phone to broadband. Ajit Gupta is CEO of Speedera.

Personnel File
MILFORD, N.H. - Degree Controls Inc. founder, Rajesh Nair, has turned his company over to three new executives and changed his role to chairman and chief technology officer.

Non-profit 'think tank' aims to test international waters
LOS ANGELES - For almost a decade, Rohit Shukla's Larta was the non-profit organization Southern Californian entrepreneurs could turn to for getting their businesses off the ground and making them flourish. Now he's aiming to take Larta's services global.

U.S. Business Schools
(Ranked by Indian students as a percentage of the total MBA population*)

Managers, don't wait for ax to fall
Sometimes managers feel like the last of a dying breed. Downsizing, cutbacks and corporate shutdowns have, indeed, cut management staffs to the bone. If you're one of the few left standing, you know it's a lonely feeling. And, let's be honest, it's also a scary one. You don't know how to best ensure your own survival, so chances are you're lying low, taking care not to make waves, and hoping the ax-wielders simply won't notice you. But this is not the time to toe the status quo line.

IT group: Outsourcing here to stay and that's not bad
BOSTON - In an attempt to quell the backlash against outsourcing and the fear that it's taking American jobs, the Information Technology Association of America hit the road with a panel discussion of industry heavy hitters including Tata Consultancy Services America President Arup Gupta.

At Reebok, marketing is $300m celeb fest
BEDFORD, Mass. - Sometimes, the marketing means more than the merchandise. To underscore his point, Muktesh "Micky" Pant, chief marketing officer of Reebok International, noted: "I have a budget of $300 million. From tea bags to top-selling sneakers, Pant pointed to cases illustrating marketing's central role in boosting sales to consumers. For Reebok, marketing means linking its products to rap stars, and wrestling laughs from SuperBowl audiences with a zany "Office Linebacker."

High-tech worker carves niche in granite
HAVERHILL, Mass. - Former high-tech worker Vineet Malik has fashioned a new perch for himself - and the move is set in stone.

80-year-old CEO still going strong; says retiring has no appeal
HOUSTON - Like most Indians who immigrated to the United States, B.S. Chowdhry came to pursue his professional career. Unlike most, he didn't come fresh out of college in India or enter a college program here - he came, at the age of 60, to avoid retiring.

Government work pushes CNSI toward $250m goal
ROCKVILLE, Md. - Promod Sharma has CNSI on the fast track and is expecting business to more than double in the next few years.

Numtv challenges satellite with South-Indian focus
BOSTON - Numtv.com got off to a hot start in the late 1990s, but has struggled in the last few years - and been down for over a year. Now its Web site is back with nine Indian TV channels and the company is ramping up marketing efforts in the United States.

Sanera's switches bag the cash - McData buys company for $102m
SUNNYVALE, Calif. - Sanera Systems Inc. has been acquired by McData Corp. for $102 million in cash.

Sanyo chooses Tripath's amplifier
SAN JOSE, Calif. - Tripath Technology Inc., a semiconductor company that develops amplification products for the digital media and electronics markets, will provide an audio amplifier for Sanyo Electric Co.'s new plasma and liquid crystal display television lines.

Venture Capital
MarketRx raises $10.25m for its analysis software
BRIDGEWATER, N.J. - MarketRx Inc. has raised $10.25 million in funding from several venture capital firms and individual investors.

TeleSym collects $12.5m
BELLEVUE, Wash. - TeleSym Inc. recently collected $12.5 million in venture capital funding. The company has now raised $18 million since it was founded in May 2000.

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